Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A lush night in

The other day I randomly decided I wanted a lush bath so I took myself to my nearest store and purchased a couple of my new favourite products ! So I thought I would share - 

This was a Christmas product and I haven't yet got around to using this one but its made my room smell gorgeous - Im debating just leaving it on my side haha .  (candy mountain  ) 
This smell like heaven to me !!! Iv heard people rave about it to much and well Im going to join them. If you love sweet smells this is definitely one for you. It only around for Christmas so I shall be going in to stock up before the stop selling it .
This is the marshmallow melt and it smell very similar to the snow fairy , I was expecting lots of bubbles from this one but I was sadly mistaken but it smelt amazing so I will be going back for one of this too . 

Whats are your fav lush products ?

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