Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Whats in my uni bag ?

 Well I'm finally back to university this week so I thought I would give a quick insight to what I'l be have in my bag to keep me going thought my uni days. 

A good bag is at the top of my list and I love my Cambridge satchel. Its the perfect size and amazingly made so that its impossible to break. 

 Nivea creme to keep dry hands at bay. ( I use the big one for my face all the time )
Mini size Dove deodorant making we smell fresh all day. 
Balmi lip balm which is my all time fav lipbalm as I cant lose it as it always attached to my pencil case of car keys.  Plus is lovely product !

I'm picky about my pens and note books as I have super big handwriting so I need a note book that has big enough lines to fit it on and well paper mate are the best pens and the highlighter have pretty animal prints on them so I just had to buy them !

I wont be keeping the binder in the bag but I thought I would show you how pretty it is anyway. The folder was a bargin at only 99p in sainburys and It was cute and I thought I would keep all my paper work inside it. 

I can be a bit of a water snob and I wont drink tap water so instead of spending out money each week for bottled water I thought I would invest into my bobble bottle that filters tap water and make it taste 100% better and in the long run it will save me pennies .The only down side it you have to but a new filter every 4 months.

So thats all Il have in my bag to university ! What is you school/uni/everyday handbag must haves ?

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