Friday, 11 October 2013

new brand alert!!!

Well to me anyway this is a new brand i only found out about it a couple of weeks ageo the brand is raw skincare. This is such a affordable brand i brought a couple of face masks from them which are at the amazing price of £1.99. In this post i wanted to focus on the skin serum, i am so impressed with this product it claims to improve the look of your skin and also to brighten. i use this serum as part of my skin care so after i have washed my face at the end of the night i will put it on and then apply my moisturizer. the serum is made from 100% of natural ingredients i found the consistency of it very thick and greasy on my skin as it is made from natural oils i did expect it to feel like that.

I have currently been using it every night for the past week and i can see such a difference in my skin. i feel
like it has helped to removed any small blemishes i have had on my face also my face has been so smooth and soft. my skin has also been a lot less oily than before i used this product. I have also had a major problem with blackheads for a while now and everything i have used in the past has seemed to make them worst or just stay the same but this serum has dramatically changed the appearance of the blackheads they have faded so much i can hardly notice them now, this product has quickly became my miracle product. The serum is £9.99 and can be purchased at raw skin care highly recommend this product.Go check them out at

                                        What is your favorite skincare product?


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