Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Heaven in a bottle


For the past couple months my hair has just been dry and overall just not really nice. So I tried all the lotions and potions and just gave up on the idea of having healthy hair till I could afford a professional to sort my birds nest out. 

This was until I went shopping with my little mum who brought some new clip in hair extensions and was told that to keep them from drying out you need to spray a Aussie leave in conditioner on them. So that night when I got out the shower and noticed I run out of my normal heat protector , I thought what the hell and I reach over  for my Aussie leave in conditioner which I haven't touched since before the start of the year. I then just plaited my hair and went to bed ( I know going to bed with damp hair isn't the best but I was being lazy) I didn't really think much of it at all but when I woke up and took out the plaits to find that the difference was crazy good.

The majority of my hair was soft and glossy, the ends were a lot better but still a little dry but so much better than before. From now on there's no looking back Aussie leave in spray all the way - not only does it work but its smells out of this world amazing and only £4.49 !!! Heaven in a bottle some might even say 

Has anyone tried any different types of the aussie leave in spray ? 


  1. Aussie is just brilliant. Have you tried using coconut oil as a hair mask? It works wonders if you have dry ends!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  2. nooooo - Il have to give it ago as soon as i come across it x