Thursday, 12 September 2013

Holographic nails

The colour club

External beauty on left and cloud nine on right

One of my major loves is holographic nails, unfortunately I only own two of the polishes for now! Searching through various blogs I came across theses amazing holographic nail polishes known as the halo hues from the colour club. The two that I own are clod nine (2012 collection) and external beauty (2013 collection). There is not a bad word that I can say about these polishes apart from the availability the only placed have been able to find them is eBay and amazon.
The formula itself is thick which is the way I like my polish, with these you can put on one coat and up are ready to go. I would not advise to use a topcoat since it tone down the effect. I usually get around 5 days wear out of these polishes. Topshop are currently selling their own holographic nail shades.

What are your favourite shades at the moment ? 

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  1. I haven't heard of this brand before. At the moment, I'm mainly wearing clear nail polish for professional reasons haha. Can't wait to experiment with some sparkly colours this Christmas though :)