Monday, 2 September 2013

My luvables

Me again , hours apart from my first ever post and in a attempt to give you a insight to me I decided it would be a good idea to show you my luvables and tell you why I love them so so much ! . 

Ted baker makeup bag

This was a Christmas present that I never asked for so it was a lovely surprise and I haven't not used it since. It fits just about everything I need inside and it looks super cute but I do think it needs to be upgraded soon thanks to a few makeup leaks 


Not actually to sure how I managed without this before - Its a water based cleanser that everyone seems to have been going crazy about so I decided to give it ago. It really does remove all the make-up from your face as well as leaving it feeling beautiful. 

Guelains - Insolence 

Oh my I am a sucker for anything that smells sweet ! But to top this perfume off it smells like my all time fav sweetie, parma voilets. So when my mum brought this for her self a couple years ago I automatically feel in love with it and I have been buying it every since.

Pepta-bright by indeed

I have lots and lots of freckles and after a couple hoildays in the sun and well a little bit of help from the English weather I near enough turned into one big freckle. So to tone them now I gave this pepta-bright by indeed ago. It works amazing its faded them right down plus it does make you face look brighter. 

Super stay gel nail by Maybelline in surreal 635

So much luv for blue nail vanishes (not sure why thou? ) Anyway this has to be not only a lovely colour but it last so long and usually mine chip after a day so this has to be my go to nail polish. 

 Real technique brushes and a random mac one 

These are the brushes I use all the time (as you can tell by how dirty they are looking) They are just the best brushes I have ever used and they seem to do most the work for you. 

Yankee candle - Black Cherry

I used to work on clinton card were these were stock in a variety of smells and I had many quiet afternoons at work sniffing at my heart contents and my favourite has to be the black cherry . It makes my room smell amazing and I luv having it lit of a night before I go to bed to make my room feel all cosy. 

Thanks for having a read , 

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  1. I love real technique brushes :) xx

  2. I've wanted Real Techniques brushes for sooo long! I like your photography btw :)

    1. probably the best investment iv ever made ;) Thank u x

  3. followed back!

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